Industrial Swage Block

I spent years looking for a decent industrial swage block with holes thru the block.  What I found were old blocks that had an extreme amount of damage or had shapes that I did not want or need.  I decided I would make my own.  I designed this block to have a single purpose, that being holes only from the top, with no shapes cut from the sides.  This saves money in the cutting and allows me to bolt the block to the frame, making it very rigid.  I also wanted 2" of space around each hole so that the work would not mar when forging.  Another huge benefit is this was cut from A36 mild steel, so future repairs will be very easy.  The block shapes were water jet cut and are in 1/4" increments.  The block is 3" thick and with the frame, weighs around 400lbs.  I've added my design, free to download below, if you want to make one for your shop.

.DXF File of the swage block